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Dan Porter Investment Warning

Information here was excerpted from a stockholder letter warning us that someone names Dan Porter was giving potentially harmful investment advice.

You should think for yourself when dealing with your own investments, but this might be helpful if you happen to be researching this guy names Dan Porter.

These are segments from the shareholder letter received from a public company:
I am writing to you because it has been brought to my attention by one of our former Directors that he received a telephone call from an individual connected to Dan Porter. Our former Director was told that he should consider selling his shares to buy shares of a private company attempting to develop and market a liquid aspirin. While it doesn’t matter to the Management of [company name] what you do with your money, it does matter to us when our shareholders are being targeted for someone else’s financial gain. Dan Porter and Willis White gained control of our shareholder list more than a year ago and we filed complaints against them with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

If you want to sell your shares, then do so at the best possible price and into volume. Then, put your money into the bank or some reputable investment that will provide you and your family with a level of protection and a return on your money. You should consider your own financial situation in this economy before you speculate with your future profits and gamble any additional monies on a new investment, especially one that is a private company. Don’t let some unregistered individuals take your profit and put it into their pocket. These individuals are not registered stock brokers, do not work for any brokerage firm and are typically called “fee bandits” in the business because that’s how they make their money. They will tell you that you do not pay a commission when you buy the stock they are recommending but the fact is they get paid by the company they are raising the money for in an amount that could equal 50% of what they bring to the table.

While its true Porter and White worked for us awhile, we never paid them the outrageous fees they later asked for. That’s why we stopped doing business with them.

Believe me when I tell you that selling your shares because an unregistered broker or even a registered broker tells you that some other investment is better for you, especially a private investment, is NOT in your best interest. What is in your best interest is your needs and your family’s needs. Whatever you decide to do, think of yourself and your family first.