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One final note regarding search engines and your website

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If your website is brand new you should be aware of an important Google phenomenon. Although Google disavows its existence, many people (including us) have observed that Google temporarily prevents the ranking of new domains, placing them into what is referred to as its "sandbox". The reason for this in a little complicated. Google tries to prevent disreputable businesses from creating new websites that might mislead people who search for highly competitive phrases, like "new car dealership" or "custom engagement ring". Google assumes that any website existing after a 4 to 6 month probation period must be a legitimate website, and they will allow your website to appear in the SERPs for those competitive terms.

There are costly and time consuming ways to get your website out of a sandbox, but we usually recommend waiting. You could also start the sandbox clock early by turning your website on with a few simple pages months before you will need it. If you are looking for overnight success during the sandbox waiting time we recommend you to open a Google AdWords account.