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PCI Compliance Information

There are several companies that provide PCI Compliance service.

The basic idea is that you hire a third party company to test your website daily, looking for security holes.

If they find a security hole they will tell you. But then it's your responsibility to fix it, and usually that means you need to hire a website programmer or a system administrator to fix your website.

So where do the security holes come from?

Sometimes they are discovered by hackers, and the compliance companies are notified right away to test for it, sometimes they are caused by a few form or feature you add to your website.

If caused by a new form or feature it means your programmer needs to go back to the drawing board and reprogram again to fix the hole.

HOWEVER, before you blame your web programmer for any mistakes you need to ask yourself if the programmer knew about your PCI compliance needs in the first place. Most new and junior level web programmer do not understand PCI compliance either. So if you want your website programmed correctly in the first place then you should expect to pay a premium for your compliance.