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SecurityMetrics Site Certification PCI

The information below came in an email. Normally this would be considered spam and just deleted. However we decided to post it here because it *IS* legitimate information about PCI Compliance and SecurityMetrics.

We personally prefer the PCI Compliance Service from McAfee Secure. Contact your hosting company to find out which PCI Compliance service they recommend before signing up with one of them.

PLEASE! Contact your web hosting company before being tricked by your bank to sign up with their PCI Compliance service.



Thank you for choosing Mid South Bank and First Data Merchant Services for your Visa, MasterCard and other networks payment processing needs. Please keep reading for essential data security information about your account.

If you are concerned with the validity of this email, please call us at THE CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER LOCATED ON YOUR MERCHANT STATEMENT to validate this notice. This is a follow up to communications that were provided recently in your monthly merchant processing statements.

Why am I getting this e-mail?
We are the processor for your Visa, MasterCard and other payment card transactions. We are sending you this email to alert you to urgent actions you are required to take to help combat cardholder fraud and identity theft. THESE ACTIONS ARE REQUIRED BY VISA, MASTERCARD AND THE OTHER PAYMENT CARD NETWORKS.

Data Security Standards Background
In 2005, the payment card networks established a common set of industry requirements designed to help with the safe handling of sensitive payment card account information. These requirements are known as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. These PCI security requirements have been phased in over time and now apply to ALL merchants that accept Visa, MasterCard and other payment cards. More information about this security standard is available online at:

You can find specifics about the Visa and MasterCard security programs at the following sites:

What do I need to do?
IF YOU ARE NOT PCI COMPLIANT, IT IS URGENT THAT YOU BECOME PCI COMPLIANT WITHOUT DELAY. To help you to achieve PCI compliance, Mid South Bank and First Data Merchant Services has arranged for SecurityMetrics, a certified security assessor for Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card, to provide you with their "Site Certification" service. There is NO additional cost to you for this service. The fee for the SecurityMetrics Site Certification PCI services is covered by your Annual Compliance Fee. You can contact SecurityMetrics at 800-557-4684. You may also contact them online at:

When do I need to do this?
You have been requested to resolve this by April 26, 2009, so please ACT NOW

What if I fail to become PCI Compliant?
The Card Associations are very serious about data security. Security breaches have affected merchants of all sizes. If you are compromised, the Association fines can range up to $500,000 per Association. These fines are in addition to other liabilities you may face in connection with the security breach.

To assist in validating this email, Mid South Bank and First Data Merchant Services has included information about PCI DSS Compliance on the following website,

Please be sure to visit this website to learn about PCI DSS! You can get up-to-date information on PCI, including MasterCard's schedule of PCI educational webinars. You also have the ability to ENROLL directly with the SecurityMetrics Level 4 program by clicking ENROLL NOW found under the PCI Compliance for Level 4 Merchants topic.

Your participation in this program is essential in allowing us to help you be protected against any unwanted security breaches. We appreciate your time and assistance.


Mid South Bank and First Data Merchant Services